Grade 2

Mrs. Bassett


Meet Mrs. Bassett

Tell me about yourself.

I have been teaching in the district since 1983. I graduated from the University of Maine, Farmington and began teaching at Lura Libby School. I taught at the St. George School for three years before returning to Lura Libby.


Why do you like to teach second grade?

I like teaching younger students. They are excited about everything. I also like the idea of instilling a love of reading that will last throughout their lives.


What are your favorite student units?

I love teaching any units that stress reading (literacy).


What is your plan for parent contact?

I welcome parent contact. Parents may contact me via email at or call the school at 354-6464. Newsletters are sent home on a regular basis.


What are your homework guidelines?

Students are asked to read every night for 15 minutes. This can be independently or with someone else. Other homework is sent home on Monday and needs to be returned by Friday. Parents are encouraged to review homework with children but let them try it by themselves.