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Meet Mrs. Markwith

Tell me about yourself.


I grew up in Thomaston, Maine. I attended Lura Libby School, Thomaston Grammar, and graduated from Georges Valley High School in 2002. I went to college and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Elementary Education from St. Joseph’s College in Standish, Maine in 2006. After substituting and long-term substituting for one year, I landed a job at the St. George School in Tenants Harbor, Maine teaching Kindergarten. I taught there for 5 years. Within those years St. George was in the beginning stages of becoming an Expeditionary Learning School. From Expeditionary Learning I learned how to do 8 to 10-week Expeditions, student-led conferences, standards based progress reports and much more. Having the opportunity to teach at an Expeditionary Learning school has helped me learn how to take teaching to the next level.

After teaching at St. George School for 5 years, I was transferred to Lura Libby School to teach Kindergarten. This is a wonderful and happy place to be. I’m so happy to be a part of the staff here!


Why do you like teaching kindergarten?


I couldn’t think of just one reason so I came up with 10 reasons why I love teaching Kindergarten.

1. Kindergartners ALWAYS love their teacher.

2. They start the year barely able to hold a pencil and end the year reading and writing!

3. Kindergarteners are excited about everything we do in class.

4. I get hugs all day long.

5.  Where can you go every day where someone will tell you that you look beautiful?

6.  Their unguarded remarks that make me laugh such as "What happened to your hair today?"

7.  They love to sing and so do I.

8.  They don't mind that I can't draw well.

9.  They always tell me that I'm the best teacher they ever had even though I'm (for most) the only teacher they have ever had.

10.  When you teach kindergarten...YOU are the one that starts their academic careers off with success.  What can be more rewarding than that?



What are your favorite student units?


I did an Expedition called “A Greener Earth, One Child at a Time.” It consisted of 2 case studies. The first case study was called “Pollution on Earth.” We studied the three types of pollution (air, water, land) and its effects on the Earth and on life. Some highlights were: for air pollution, we did a window cleaning experiment and an air experiment around the school grounds. For land pollution, it included cleaning up litter, and then counting and sorting litter (with gloves on of course! J). And for water pollution, we studied the life cycle of Bald Eagles, the Earth’s water cycle, and had two experts come in. One expert taught us about oil spills. The second expert showed us how oil spills effect birds, how to clean oil up and how humans can prevent many spills from happening.

The second case study was called “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” We learned how we can reduce what we use everyday, like taking shorter showers, not brushing our teeth with the water running and hanging out the clothes instead of using the dryer. We also learned how we can reuse materials such as melting down old crayons into new ones, making art from old newspaper and more.

To show what we learned throughout this expedition, we made a calendar. I truly enjoyed doing this Expedition because the students got to learn about important topics that they hopefully will carry with them through life.


What is your plan for parent contact?


To keep parents informed about our classroom learning, I send home a weekly newsletter. If you need to contact me, email is the best way to reach me. My email is



What are your homework guidelines?

I do send work home about every week. It is sent home on a Monday and needs to be back by Friday of the same week. It is a very small amount. The homework is there to help your child get extra practice on the current skills we’re working on in class. It’s also a great time for you and your child to sit down together and to see what your child is learning about. Giving the students a little bit of homework teaches them self-discipline and pride as well. When the students bring their completed work back to school they give themselves a sticker to put on their homework chart. Over time the chart will fill up with stickers and they earn a reward for all of their hard work!



Meet Mrs. Brewster

Tell me about yourself. 

I started my teaching career at the Cushing Community School in 1985! After thirty-four years in second grade I was presented an opportunity to teach kindergarten! I am looking forward to watching the children learn and grow as they start their journey in school. My husband and I enjoy spending time with family and going on adventures.



Why do you like teaching kindergarten? 

I love to find ways to incorporate movement, art projects and songs into lessons. Watching the children try hard things and gain self confidence is a pleasure!



What are your favorite student units? 

Celebrating holidays and the changing of seasons provide great opportunities for learning.



What is your plan for parent contact?


School telephone #-354-6353








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