Library/Technology Integration

Mrs. Walsh



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Meet Mrs. Walsh

My name is Laurie Walsh, and I am the new Library Media Specialist and Technology Teacher for TGS!.  This job was created last year to combine the positions of librarian, technology integrator, and technology teacher.   I manage the library, help kids find and use books, teach research skills and Internet safety, teach how to use digital documents, and make movies and create shared digital projects with students.  We are currently starting computer programming with grades 2-5 using the curriculum in  Eventually we will learn to program simple robots as well.  With the K-1 students we will eventually use Kodable and small robots called BeeBots if my Donors Choose grant is fully funded.  In addition to working with students, I work with teachers to help them incorporate technology into their classrooms.
I have worked for first MSAD 5 and then RSU13 for 18 years as a middle school English and math teacher and then as the technology integrator at the elementary and middle schools.  This newly created position, however, is my hands down favorite.  I love the library part of my job because getting just the right book into each child’s hands is challenging and rewarding.  I also love the technology part of my job and look forward to making movies with students, beginning to tackle the fundamentals of computer programming, and learning Internet safety using the curriculum from Common Sense Media.  I look forward to meeting you, so please stop in and see me in the library.  I would love to show you what we do.