2018 Family Literacy & Math Night






Thomaston Grammar School Family Fun Night


TGS held a camping themed Family Fun Night on Thursday, March 15th.  193 people were in attendance, which represented 77 of our families.  It was a great turnout for this wonderful family event!  Maine author, Wendy Ulmer, ran a session where she read her book, A Campfire for Cowboy Billy, and participants created a wishing star.  Mrs. Howard led kindergarten and first grade families through fun literacy activities that enabled them to practice their literacy skills.  Miss Cates and Miss Leach read participants the book A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee and helped students make marshmallow treats. Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Markwith read The Legend of the Dream Catcher and led families through making their own dream catchers.  Dream catchers were so popular that Mrs. Brewster led a session that involved making them as well.  Mrs. Snow read the book Little Campers and led participants through an activity to learn how to make a campfire, in this case an edible one. Mrs. Sanfilippo led her participants in using clues and illustrations in Whose Tracks Are These?  They learned how to identify woodland tracks and made their own animal track casts.  Mrs. Ford assisted participants in coding their Sphero through the “campsite” to avoid dangers and obstacles.  Miss Cushman and Ms. Richter ran the session Board Games Around the Camp Fire where participants rotated through camping themed board games. Miss Currier and Miss Wotton helped to run the Scholastic Book Fair that evening.  Miss Flanagan, Mrs. Kangas, and Mrs. Smith helped to set up and serve dinner.  Mrs. Bassett, Miss Anthony, and Mrs. Brackett ran the welcome table.  Mrs. Mellor was the organizer of this fabulous event.  Mrs. Riley was happy to attend as a participant and photographer.  What a wonderful night! ​