Physical Education

Mr. Petrie


Meet Mr. Petrie

Tell me about yourself.


I was born and raised in Old Town, Maine, where my parents still live and work to this day. My brother who is three years younger is working for Cianbro in that area as well. I played Soccer, Basketball, and ran Track and Field during Middle School and High School. I went to college at The University of Maine at Presque Isle and played Soccer for the school. I graduated in four years with a Bachelor of Science degree in Teaching Physical Education in 2008 and started working for RSU 13 in the fall of that year. I have been teaching in the RSU ever since. I am a huge advocate of the outdoors and love to go hiking, camping, white water rafting, and just about anything outside.



Why do you like teaching Physical Education?


I love teaching Physical Education because of the opportunity to use activity as learning tool. I get the privilege to watch the students explore their surroundings and capabilities as a mover. Also, I think that physical well being is the single most important way to a long and healthy life. I am fortunate to start this form of education at the early ages where a lot of habits are formed. I find that teaching this subject and age group will keep me feeling young not matter how many years I teach for.



What are your favorite student units?


I really enjoy scooters, the parachute, team games, exploration days, and especially the class challenge days where I will surprise the class with a challenge and watch to see if they can complete, solve, or beat the challenge. They don’t know what they are in for just yet…



What is your plan for parent contact?


I hope parents feel free to communicate with me using my email which I check daily. Also, they can contact me at the school and I will get back to them at my next free moment. I also am open to parents coming into class to observe both their child and the class(es) I will be teaching.