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Students come to the library individually, in small groups or with various classes for instruction, research, special events and to sign out books.  If the library is not staffed then students should return to class immediately.


Students may, at any time, sign out a reasonable number of books and magazines to assist in their studies or for their reading pleasure. Books are signed out for two weeks and renewed as needed. Students must bring the book back to the library with them in order to renew it. If their books become overdue then the student will not be able to sign out more books until the overdue is returned. Students must pay for lost or damaged books, but there are no fines for overdues.


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How to Write a Bibliography


Hints for writing your bibliography:




Sample Bibliography:




(Internet image or film: page, image or clip title, Website title, Web, date visited, URL.)

"Brady Portrait of Abraham Lincoln and Tad." The Library of Congress: American Memory. Web. 20 Nov 2009. < cgi- bin/query/D?scsmbib:32:./temp/~ammem_PsCs::>.


(Print encyclopedia: author, article title, encyclopedia title, edition, volume:pages, place of publication, publisher, copyright date.)

Boritt, Gabor S. "Lincoln, Abraham." World Book. 2004. 12:310-326. Chicago: World Book, Inc., 2003.


(Book: author, title, place of publication, publisher, copyright date.)

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(Newspaper print: author, article title, newspaper title, newspaper date, section, page.)

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(Interview: person interviewed, title, Personal Interview, date of interview.)

Hunt, Harry Draper. Professor of History. Personal Interview, 13 March 2003.


(Online encyclopedia: author, article title, encyclopedia title, publisher, copyright date, Web, date visited, URL) 

"Lincoln, Mary Todd." Encyclopædia Britannica Online School Edition. Encyclopædia Britannica, 2009. Web. 20 Nov. 2009  <>.


(Webpage: author, page title, website title, copyright date, Web, date visited, URL.)

Norton, Robert. "Abraham Lincoln's Beard." The Abraham Lincoln Research Site. 1996. Web. 20 Nov 2009. <>.


(Print magazine: author, article title, magazine title, magazine date, pages.)

Philip, Cynthia Owen. "Lincoln's Doctor's Dog." American Heritage. June 2003: 70-71.


(Online magazine from MARVEL databases. This citation can be obtained  complete from the database page and includes: article title, magazine title, volume.issue (year of publication):page, database title, publisher, Web, date accessed, URL.)

"Secret Message Found in Lincoln's Watch." American History. 44.3 (2009): 9. Middle Search Plus. EBSCO. Web. 20 Nov. 2009. <>.


The Research Process

Over the past fifteen years in MSAD #50 and now in RSU #13, the librarians and teachers have developed a research process that is part of the literacy curriculum for each student in grades K-12. The way in which the process has been implemented varies according to the ages and needs of the students, but all the projects include the same basic skills.


Identify the question(s)


Find the sources

Identify and revise the question(s)

Notetaking (download sheets below)

Organize completed notes to make outline for paper

Create Rough Draft from notes only

Revise and Edit as often as necessary

Include final Bibliography for all papers K-12 


ResearchNotesBk.pdf23.16 KB
ResearchNotesEncy.pdf23.88 KB
ResearchNotesWeb.pdf21.67 KB

Website Evaluation

Just ‘cause you found it on the internet

doesn’t mean it is any good!

Before you use a website, look it over

and consider the following four areas

and the questions they raise.


Authority: Who owns this site? Who is the author? Is it sponsored by an organization you know?


               .com is a commercial (for profit) site
               .org is non-profit or non-commercial
               .edu is an educational site - US public schools also include K12 in the address
               .gov indicates a US government site
               .mil is the US military
               .jp .ca .au or .uk indicate a site in a foreign country


Accuracy: Does this site inspire confidence? Do you trust the info?



Currency: Is the information on the site outdated?



Objectivity: Does this site have a bias? What is the purpose of the site?




WebEvalForm.pdf35.08 KB

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