Food Drive


During the holiday season we know that it is important to contribute to our community, and they can COUNT ON US to follow through with our traditional food drive for the Thomaston Food Pantry. Students and staff collected a record 141 pounds of canned and boxed goods for our neighbors.


Here we see our kindergarten class stretching down the hallway, passing the items from our collection basket at the front door. The food chain made its way to the circle door where Mrs. Watts and Mrs Smith supervised the packing of the goods in to the delivery van. The van made its way to Watts Hall where Morgan and Aubrey carried the boxes to the second floor. Though the boxes were quite heavy, they both had smiles on their faces. Finally, they were rewarded with a great hug from Gwen Ranquist, otherwise known as Aubrey's Nanny. Nanny is a volunteer at the pantry.


Mrs. Bassett and her students count the food donations and then box like items. Finally, they weigh all of the donations. This was part of a math lesson that incorporated measurement and statistics.


Lura Libby Community, you did a superb job!