Mrs. Hegan

Julia Hegan - Resource Room Teacher - Grades 5-7   TGS


Tell us about yourself

I am a veteran special education teacher with more than 25 years of experience.  I have taught children of all grade levels in the field of special eduacation who have had a variety of academic and emotional needs.  I earned a B.S in Education at Wheelock College in Boston in 1981, and I earned a Masters in Education of the Deaf from Smith College in Northamptom MA in 1986.  I've been a resource room teacher in the school district since 1998, when I moved back to my home state of Maine from California.  In 2007 I received the Special Educator of The Year Award for the State of Maine.

When weather permits, you might find me biking, boating, swimming, or being taken for a run by my two Jack Russell Terriers, Oreo and Button.

What do you like about teaching Special Education In Middle School At TGS?

I find a great deal of satisfaction helping special education students accomplish their personal bests while they are transitioning through the middle grades.  I am particularly excited about the academic successes that can be achieved as we, (students, parents, and I) share the benefits of the continuity between learning experiences when "looping" through grades 5, 6, and 7.  TGS is administrated effectively, has a nurturing environment, and has high academic goals--I'm happy to be part of such a great school.

What learning programs do you use in the resource room?

Instruction in the resource room is skills based. Because each student in the resource room has specific, individualized learning goals, I implement a variety of literacy programs to meet student needs. These include fluency programs such as Read Naturally and Great Leaps, and reading programs such as the Wilson Reading System, SPIRE, Lindamood-Bell Visualization and Verbalization, and SRA Corrective Reading. These programs are multisensory and enhanced with contemporary audio technology. The resource room also provides students with learning centers in all areas of literacy. For students who require direct instruction in math, the Saxon Math Program helps them apply mathematical concepts which are introduced through sequential skill based lessons and reviewed in consecutive lessons. Specific math language is directly taught in the resource room so students can improve their ability to solve word problems.

What is your parent contact plan?

Close and frequent parent contact is essential for student success; I encourage cooperative communication with  student, parent, and myself. I closely monitor student progress and work habits and am happy to share this information with you at any time.  Parents are always welcome to visit the resource room, just let me know in advance. Please feel free to call me at TGS or email me at

What are your homework guidelines?

Homework from the resource room is occasionally given to help a student complete an assignment and to reinforce or remediate learned skills. Students are encouraged and expected to share and practice their skills with their family members.  In order for all my students to meet district and teacher academic expectations, and to aid student independence and responsibility, I provide a modified assignment planner with a streamlined format for those who require increased organization and structure.  I allow time for students to check their Infinite Campus Portal and graph their weekly progress and classroom grades so they know their daily academic status.