2013 Pi Day

                                                      Celebrating Pi – 3.1415

The Cushing Community School and Lura Libby School held a whole day of math activities for students in kindergarten through fourth grade on March 14 when we celebrated Pi Day. Activities were planned and implemented by teachers, administrative assistants and educational technicians. Parents also volunteered to help us with different aspects of the day. We began the day with an all school assembly. All of the children received a Pi pencil. Next, all teachers involved the children with various math activities for the day. Activities included:

o Seeing Symmetrically - creating symmetrical shape.

o Shapes, Snacks & Song - children in kindergarten, first, and second grade made geometric shaped grilled cheese sandwiches to learn the names of the shapes.

o Estimation Jar - a jar was filled with counters, and children estimated the number of counters in the jar.

o Games - some teachers taught and played Yahtzee, and Mancala.

o Jeopardy - based on NECAP questions.

o Books were read - involving Pi with a relating activity.

Our Food Director, Charles Butler, provided a special salad bar for Pi day lunch with 3 savory salad toppers, 1 low, or non-fat milk, 4 dried fruits, 1 chocolate chip cookie, and 5 fresh crisp veggies. We ended the day with another assembly, and the children who had the closest estimate in the Estimation Jar activity won a math game. It was a very interesting and educational day full of exciting experiential learning activities. A big thank you to organizers, teachers Michelle Ford and Donna Hardt.