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 Ryan T. Higgins, Author/Illustrator, Visits Lura Libby School

Ryan T. Higgins visited Lura Libby School on March 5th. Ryan is an author and illustrator living in Kittery, Maine, with his wife and two children. His books include Twaddleton’s Cheese, Wilfred, and Up With Roger.

Ryan is a true vision of modern illustrator. He shared that he does most of his drawing with the computer, but admits he still likes pencil and paper drawings and often scans pictures he has drawn into his computer. He drew a picture for each group with their input; a character created from a combination of a few animals. In the end, all children were given a picture of their group’s character to color for themselves.

Ryan talked mostly about his newest book, This Book Does Not Have Words. He explained how he wrote it and drew the characters. He talked to the students about how important it is to edit and revise their stories to make them better and explained that he averages about fifty revisions.

Ryan noted that he used to be a regular kid, just like our students. Yet, he always loved drawing and writing. He just got better and better by working on these drawings and writing pieces at home during his free time. He encouraged students to make books of their own.

Ryan was greeted by one student with, “I love your book!” Even though most students had listened to the book in library classes and classrooms, they really enjoyed listening to Ryan read it as the pictures appeared up on the white board. Ryan stated that they could always take his book out of our school library and can listen to it on his website. He mentioned that there is another book to listen to on the website, too, and students excitedly said that they were definitely going to find that!

Ryan shared his ideas for his next book and the students gave him more suggestions. One group encouraged him to write a novel. He shyly admitted that he had one in mind and hoped to do that one day.






  Dr. Suess Week

Lura Libby School celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday with a week of exciting activities. The students’ excitement was contagious. 

Monday saw students and staff wearing Cat in the Hat hats. The hats were funded with a grant from Office Depot.  Topsy Turvy Tuesday was celebrated with everyone wearing pajamas to school, and on Wacky Wednesday, we donned colorful mismatched clothes. Ryan T. Higgins, our Maine author/illustrator, spent the day meeting with each grade level, reading his book and demonstrating his illustrating techniques. Thursday celebrated Thing One and Thing Two, with people dressing as twins. On Fedora Friday, everyone was encouraged to wear his or her favorite hat. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the activities, and all had fun.