Great Kindness Challenge








Lura Libby School participated in the Great Kindness Challenge for the second year in a row.  The week is officially the week of January 26th.  But, due to an unusual amount of snow days during that week and the week after, both schools decided to continue it through February 13th.  

As part of The Great Kindness Challenge week Lura Libby School decided to support an organization in our area.  On Friday, January 23rd, Grace from the Humane Society of Knox County came to talk with Lura Libby School students at a school-wide assembly.   A list of items that are needed at the animal shelter went home with students.  There were collection baskets in the school to collect donated items.  

On January 26th, as part of The Great Kindness Challenge week, we had an assembly that focused on kindness and bullying prevention.  Our presenter was Mr. Andrew from Mid-Coast Martial Arts, along with some assistants.  He discussed the types of bullying and shared strategies with the students for dealing with bullies.  He shared some power phrases for students to use when communicating with a bully.  He focused on the importance of treating others with kindness and respect.  

On January 26th Lura Libby School began a "Bucket Filling Campaign" as well.  Each student has a "bucket" with their name on it on display outside their classroom.  Students and staff "filled students' buckets" by filling out paper raindrops with kind comments about that student.  Students were excited to read the kind things that other members of the school community had to say about them.

On January 29th Lura Libby School held its Kindness Counts Assembly where Kindness Counts Winners and Most Caught Being Kind Tickets for the months of December and January were awarded.  

The school began giving Caught Being Kind tickets out to students during the Great Kindness Challenge last school year.  They then decided to continue those tickets throughout the school year.  When students are "caught" going above and beyond being kind, they are given a Caught Being Kind ticket.  This year the school started announcing the names of all students who got a ticket that day on the announcements at the end of the day.  A new award was created to honor the student who received the most tickets during the month.  At the monthly school-wide assembly, all students who received a ticket that month have their names called and stand individually to be recognized.  The student with the most tickets for that month is called to the front of the assembly to receive an award and a round of applause from the school community for this accomplishment.

Our school has an ongoing focus on kindness.  Part of that focus on kindness includes monthly Kindness Counts Awards.  To make that award even more meaningful for students we instituted a Lunch with the Principal, Ainslee Riley, for students who win the Kindness Counts Award, which is awarded to students who exemplify kindness on a daily basis.   We want students to understand just how proud we are of them for showing kindness to others on a daily basis.  Students are presented with a certificate and we also send a copy of what was said home with the student so they can have it.  Students are very excited to attend their special lunch with the principal.  At that lunch they are presented with a Kindness bracelet and a Kindness sticker that they wear for that day.  The principal shares with students the fact that this is her favorite award because being kind is not always easy, yet they are able to be kind day in and day out and be excellent examples within our school community.  We should all aspire to have kindness in our hearts and in our minds at all times, as these students do.  These lunches have become one of the principal's favorite events each month.  She enjoys sharing how proud she is of these students, as well as having an opportunity to talk with them and get to know these future leaders even better than she already does.  The school community has come to hold this award in high regard and students aspire to achieve it. 

Other events occurred in individual classrooms and school-wide to celebrate the Great Kindness Challenge week, which turned into three weeks due to the continued snow.  Just because the Great Kindness Challenge is over does not mean that these positive behaviors stop.  At Lura Libby School, students and staff are working hard to continue this theme of Kindness throughout the school year.  The day begins with classroom circles with a focus on Kindness and members of the school community work to remind one another to be kind and reward one another for being kind throughout the day.