2016 Fine Arts Night




 Lura Libby School Fine Arts Night


Lura Libby School held its annual Fine Arts Night on Wednesday, May 25th.  It was a packed house that evening, and the students were able to showcase both their musical ability and their artistic talent.  Lura Libby School students made us proud that night.


The musical portion of the evening was led by music teacher Beverly Pacheco and was entitled A Spring in Your Step . . . A Song in Your Heart.  There were two concerts held that evening.  We began with the kindergarten through second grade concert.  Songs were chosen to align with learning occurring in classrooms.  Songs in kindergarten focused on weather such as "Sing a Rainbow" by Arthur Hamilton and "I Love Mud" by Rick Charette.  Songs in 1st grade focused on organisms and going out into the garden such as "The Littlest Worm," a camp song, and "I've Been Working in My Garden," a traditional tune.  Songs in 2nd grade focused on Maine animals such as "Fish Fun" by Cristi Miller and "Owl Song" by the Whizpops, which 1st graders joined in on.  The second concert was for students in grades three and four.  For both classes songs focused on our school theme of Kindness and school rules, Be Safe, Be Kind, and Try Your Best.  This concert began with 3rd graders showcasing what they have learned on ukeles, playing songs like "Baby Bumble Bee" by Mike Jackson.  Then 4th graders showcased their playing of recorders for songs like "Dix Ans" by Paul Corbiere.  Then the two classes joined together to sing songs such as "Shine!" by Roger Emerson and John Jacobson.   

The art teacher, Janelle Eddy, made the art portion of the evening possible.  She had artwork on display from all students in kindergarten through 4th grade.  There was a gallery walk down the entrance corridor, which included many magnificent student works of art that were on display.  It was a wonderful evening for all who attended!