Wellness Committee

Next Meeting 

Wednesday, May 31st

4:15 pm – 6:00 pm

RSU #13 Central Office Building

28 Lincoln Street, Rockland


The focus of this meeting will be to review the findings from the questions asked in Modules 5 & 6 of the Elementary School Health Index. We will review which areas we are strong in and what areas need improvement. Areas of improvement will then be prioritized and scaled based on the ease of implementation. Plans will be made to then determine how they can be implemented into the district wellness policy.

Preparation for this meeting could include:

  • Reviewing the score cards for Modules 5 & 6
  • Questions that you have for any areas that received a score of 2 and why they were not a 3
  • Questions and suggestions on how scores of 1 and 0 may be improved

If you are interested in joining the District Wellness Committee please contact Charles Butler at ChButler@RSU13.org.