The Research Process

Over the past fifteen years in MSAD #50 and now in RSU #13, the librarians and teachers have developed a research process that is part of the literacy curriculum for each student in grades K-12. The way in which the process has been implemented varies according to the ages and needs of the students, but all the projects include the same basic skills.


Identify the question(s)

  • What do I already know?
  • What do I want to know?


Find the sources

  • Are the sources appropriate
  • Are the sources sufficient
  • Record sources (working bibliography)

Identify and revise the question(s)

  • List the questions and group like together using main question and keywords/phrases
  • Preliminary organization for final work

Notetaking (download sheets below)

  • Paraphrase
  • Use incomplete sentences
  • Keep record of source from working bibliography

Organize completed notes to make outline for paper

Create Rough Draft from notes only

Revise and Edit as often as necessary

Include final Bibliography for all papers K-12 


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