Most Improved Student Awards

Most Improved Student Awards
Posted on 05/21/2024

Most Improved Student Assembly

Thomaston Grammar School held an assembly on May 16th recognizing the NextGen Sea Dog’s Most Improved Students. Students receiving this award were:  Logan Atwood, Benjamin Brown, Brycen Carr, Charlie Chamberlain, Bryson Chipman, Evelyn Curtis, Eva Davidson, Jack DeYoung, Emma Emery, Koral Garrison, Rory Hall, Ella Hamlin, Skylar Haynes, Aubree Joynt, Lincoln Moorman, Tucker O’Hare, Anthony Pittocco, Giuliana Rubino, Bryan Slape, Jordan Stewart, and Alex Stinson. Students were presented with a certificate from the Sea Dogs and a complimentary ticket to a Sea Dogs game.

Staff and students were joined by a special guest! The Sea Dog’s mascot, Slugger, joined the fun, handing out certificates to students, dancing with the crowd, and posing for pictures. Thank you to the Friends and family of TGS for supporting Slugger’s appearance.