Acceptance Awards at TGS

Acceptance Awards at TGS
Posted on 01/27/2021
Mrs. Riley gives an Acceptance Award to a studentOn Tuesday, January 12th, several students at Thomaston Grammar School were recognized for the attribute of acceptance. Students receiving this award were: Derrick Corson, Gemma Rubino, Emery Sturks, Justin Chen, Karsen Libby, Callie Colson, Rhys Hatch, Lincoln Quint, Austin Haskell, Eleanor Shortall, Lyllian Whitehill, Ruby Carr, Jonathan Holom, Seth Beckett, and Norah Smith. Students were presented with a certificate at a school-wide virtual assembly.

Acceptance is a part of our upbringing and our experiences. The students who were recognized show a maturity of character to have the quality and the ability to accept the differences and diversity of others. They maintain their own identities and positive behaviors. They treat others with respect, take the time to listen to opinions and ideas, and are good and active listeners. These students take the time to get to know another person without judging someone by a first impression.

McKenzie Liddell was also awarded the Principal’s Award. McKenzie is an excellent student, classmate, and friend. She is kind, caring, compassionate, accepting, trustworthy, and so much more.  She exemplifies all of the attributes that we focus on here at TGS.  She treats everyone with respect, and she is a responsible student who puts forth her best effort at all times.  She works well with others and always listens to their thoughts and opinions.  She is a pleasure to have in any classroom and in the school as a whole.  She cares about her friends, classmates, teachers, and greater school community.  She has a kind heart and a positive attitude, both of which can be contagious.  We are lucky to have McKenzie as a member of the Thomaston Grammar School community.

Congratulations to all the TGS students who received awards this month!