Awards Assembly

Awards Assembly
Posted on 04/12/2023
Most Improved Student Awards

Awards Assembly at Thomaston Grammar School

Several students at Thomaston Grammar School were recognized for being accepting and creative at a school-wide assembly on April 11th. Students receiving the Acceptance Award were: Aria Minoty, Azrael Dare, David Grierson, Darius Foster, Logan McRae, Aubree Joynt, Alyvia Baughman, Alden Wakem, Bryce Slape, Cole Beal, Emma Emery, and Issac Hendron. Students receiving the Creativity Award were: Caidence Knowlton, Jayden Callahan, Charlie Adams, Calvin Paul, Phoebe Edwards-Jenks, Hadley Hatch, Corban Jackomino, Joy Chen, Rory Hall, Caleb Stinson, David Alvarez, Christian Couch, Charlie Chamberlain, Lincoln Quint, James Heald, and Mylee Anderson.

The students chosen to receive the Acceptance Award have the ability to accept the differences and diversity of others. These students take the time to listen to the opinions and ideas of their peers, are good and active listeners, and treat others with respect.  They take the time to get to know people without judging them by a first impression.

The students receiving the Creativity Award are known to be very creative.  Creative thinkers are able to think outside the box.  They are able to see new and exciting ways of doing things.  They take risks and are willing to try new things without fear.  Because these students are willing to be creative, they are able to produce some amazing things.  People who are creative have excellent imaginations and are able to express themselves in unique and exciting ways.  They go beyond what is expected, and the result is magnificent.  They inspire others with their creative spirit.

Ivy Gamage also received the Principal’s Award. Ivy is an excellent member of the TGS community.  It is readily apparent to everyone who knows Ivy that she cares about her peers and the staff members at TGS.  She advocates for the needs of others and is always willing to lend a helping hand.  She works extremely hard to do her very best and perseveres in all that she does; even if something is difficult, she will not give up and continues to put forth her best effort.  We are lucky to have Ivy as a member of the Thomaston Grammar School learning community.

Recognition was also given for the NextGen Sea Dog’s Most Improved Student Award. These students included: David Alvarez, Ryman Ames-Allan, Kaleb Barnard, Cole Beal, Bryson Chipman, Hazel Dare, Emma Emery, Paige Feltis, Milo Fisher, Darius Foster, Sidney Harford, Issac Hendron, Zoey Hendron, Myles McMahon, Wyatt Mongeur, Emma Poland, Swayze Prior, Mya Rodriques, Giuliana Rubino, Jordan Stewart, Mason VanHorn, and Alden Wakem. Students were presented with a certificate form the Sea Dogs and a complimentary ticket to a Sea Dogs game.

Congratulations to all the students who received awards at TGS this month!