End-of-Year Awards Ceremony

End-of-Year Awards Ceremony
Posted on 06/20/2024
Courage Awards

Awards Ceremony at Thomaston Grammar School

Several students were recognized at an End of the Year Awards Ceremony at TGS on the last day of school, June 18th.

The ceremony opened with a presentation of NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) Awards, including: Exceptional Growth in Math and Reading, Highest Growth in Math and Reading, and Highest Score in Math and Reading. Awards were also presented to students who met their growth goals, stretch goals, and had the highest growth on their iReady assessments.

Math Olympiad Awards were presented to TGS participants in this program. Since 1979 Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMSR) has been providing challenging mathematical problems designed to strengthen student’s mathematical skills. Participants in Math Olympiads are located in all fifty states, three US territories and in thirty foreign countries. This year there were approximately 100,000 participants. Thomaston Grammar School had seven participants in the Olympiads this year: Wyatt Earley, Justin Chen, Christian Couch, Rhys Hatch, Sophia Chen, Caleb Stinson, and Greta Stinson. Both Caleb and Greta Stinson received embroidered patches for their top 50% scores.

LoriLei Grout received the MEA (Maine Educational Assessments) Writing Contest Award.

Courage Awards were presented to students from each homeroom class. Students receiving this award included: Allister Muriro, Ellia Tucker, Levi Saroka, Kaiyah Thurman, Aryanna Stewart, Jasmine Okouo, Easton Libby, Aria Minoty, Richard Dwinall, Hadley Hatch, Lily hatch, Logan McRae, Hailey Baughman, Lila Haskell, Ismael Caiza, Shawn King, Dominic Jefferson, Cooper Bickford, David Alvarez, Alden Wakem, Asher Whitney, Khaleesi Breton, Aubree Corson, and Calvin Paul. The students honored with this award are known to be courageous.  They have an adventurous spirit and are willing to take on new, exciting, or tough challenges.  They are brave and do what is right even in situations that are difficult.  They are fearless and are willing to stand up for themselves and others.

Harlow Peterson-Crute was given the Principal’s Award. Harlow is a wonderful member of the TGS community.  She is the person who will be the first to help her fellow classmates every time, often without being asked to do she.   She cares about the well-being of her classmates and the staff members who she works with here at TGS.  She is a friend to all.  She works hard and perseveres even when things are difficult.  She shows kindness to others and makes the choice to be responsible to do what is right.

Throughout the month, students were awarded daily tickets for showing courage. These tickets were put into a raffle and six lucky winners were drawn at the assembly. Winners received their choice of a prize, including gift cards donated by local businesses. This month’s winners were: Norah Smith, Ella Curry, Derrick Corson, Aden Daniello, Christian Couch, and Oliver Hedstrom.

Fourth graders ended the assembly with a surprise flash-mob performance to the song, “Dynamite.”

Congratulations to all the students who received awards this month!