Gratitude Awards Assembly
Posted on 12/06/2022
Gratitude Awards Recipients

Gratitude Awards at Thomaston Grammar School

Several students at Thomaston Grammar School were recognized for having gratitude at a school-wide assembly on December 5th. Students receiving the Gratitude Attitude Award were: Kayden Barnard, Jasmine Okouo Mirguin, Ezra Blakey, Dylan Latta, Emmett DeYoung, Oliver Reavley, Juliette Johnson, Alden Wakem, Justin Chen, Aiden Linscott, Callie Colson, Isabella Guzman, AJ Harvey, Jordan Stewart, and Cole Beal.

Often, when we think of gratitude, we think of being thankful for what we have.  That is a part of having gratitude, but there is much more to it.  It also involves being generous towards those around us.  It is the realization that each and every one of us can have a positive impact on those around us and the world.  Students who have gratitude have a growth mindset.  They are grateful for the knowledge they have and are always looking to learn more.  They want to help others.  They are polite and understanding of those around them.  When people are kind to them, they really think about how thoughtful those actions were and how they may then pass that feeling on to others.  People with gratitude are regularly thinking about what there is to be thankful for.


Michael (MJ) Hall also received the Principal’s Award. MJ is an excellent member of the Thomaston Grammar School community.  He is a model student.  He stands out in classes as a student who consistently does the right thing.  He is caring, honest, trustworthy, respectful, responsible, a team player, and so much more.  He is safe, kind, and trying his best always.  He does not need to be reminded to make the right choices; he automatically does it because that is part of who he is.  He is naturally a good citizen at school and beyond. 


Congratulations to all the students who received awards at TGS this month!