Teamwork Awards

Teamwork Awards at TGS
Posted on 03/03/2021
Greta recieves the Teamwork Award

Teamwork Awards Assembly

Several students were recognized for the attribute of Teamwork at an assembly on Tuesday, March 2nd. These students included: Gemma Rubino, Oliver Reavely, Christian Couch, Kai Liddell, Ray Gardner, Greta Stinson, Kacy Callahan, Harper Hendrick, Ellianah Sunderland, Liam Orne, Eli Haynes, and Vincent Frisone.


Billy Martin, a former New York Yankees’ coach said, “There’s nothing greater in the world than when somebody on a team does something good, and that one player pats that somebody on the back.” These students are that one player who pats others on the back.  The students recognized are true team players! In many situations in the classroom or on the playground, these students are the ones who see that everyone works together as a team. They think of the group rather than themselves. They see to it that collaboration, compromise, and cooperation are keys to teamwork.


Malachi Fairfield was also presented with the Principal’s Award. When Malachi arrives at school each and every day, it is apparent that he is happy to be here.  Even with a mask on, you can tell that he is smiling; his eyes shine with pure joy.  His positivity and excitement for life are infectious. He is safe, kind, and tries his best always, and he does so with a smile on his face. He perseveres and puts his best foot forward each and every day.


Congratulations to all the students who received awards this month!