TGS Respect Assembly

TGS Respect Assembly
Posted on 10/02/2023

Respect Awards

Several students at Thomaston Grammar School were recognized for being respectful at a school-wide assembly on October 2nd. Students receiving the Respect Award were: Ella Curry, Anthony Pittocco, Hazel Sturks, Marley Johnson, Jayla O’Hare, London York, Oliver Reavley, Logan King, Charlotte Ahearn, Juliette Johnson, Ben Brown, Bryce Slape, Swayze Prior, Rhys Hatch, Isabella Guzman, and Rory Hall.


Students at TGS have been focusing on respect during the month of September. Showing respect is one of the most important traits that each one of us should possess and practice. Having respect for yourself and for your community members is extremely important.  Being respectful includes being kind to others, seeing situations through their eyes, having empathy, communicating in an appropriate way, considering the feelings of others when making decisions regarding what you do and say, being an active listener, and so much more.


Throughout the month, students were awarded daily tickets for showing respect. These tickets were put into a raffle and six lucky winners were drawn at the assembly. Winners received their choice of a gift card donated by local businesses. The winners this month were: Hadley Hatch, Trevor Campbell, Kate Elmore, Derrick Corson, Jayla O’Hare, and Aoife Miller.

Alyvia Baughman was also presented with this month’s Principal’s Award.  Alyvia is a marvelous member of the TGS community.  It is apparent to all that she cares about her peers and the staff members at TGS.  She is always willing to have a listening ear or lend a helping hand.  She is an excellent, contributing member of the school community.  She is respectful in her interactions with all members of the community and is consistently safe, kind, and working to be her best self.


The assembly concluded with a rousing game of Mummy Wrapping, where teams of students used rolls of toilet paper to wrap up TGS staff and special guests. Thanks to members of the Thomaston EMS, fire, and police departments for playing as well!

Next month, students at TGS will be focusing on cooperation.

Congratulations to all the students who received awards at TGS this month!