TGS Awards Ceremony

TGS Awards Ceremony
Posted on 05/31/2022
Principal's Award

Awards Ceremony at TGS

Several students at Thomaston Grammar School were recognized for their honesty and creativity at a school-wide assembly on May 31st. Students receiving the Honesty Award were: Calvin Paul, Leevi Libby, Corban Jackomino, Lila Haskell, Brycen Carr, Justin Chen, Finn Mullen, Sophia Chen, Austin Haskell, Trevor Farrington, Eliza Black, Leighton Petty, Taryn Mullen, and Mya Rodriques. Students receiving the Creativity Award were: Paige Feltis, Kaiya Clements, Eva Davidson, Koral Garrison, Carter Spicer, Alyce Hare, Aiden Linscott, David Alvarez, Mylee Anderson, Olive Grierson, Rhys Hatch, Austin Haskell, Kacy Callahan, Quinn Didaleusky, Natalie Jordan, Mikaela Callahan, and Elizabeth Guzman.

All of the students receiving the Honesty Award are known to be honest. They are honest, even when it may be difficult to do so.  Students who are honest can be trusted to do what is asked of them, to contribute to the group or team, to be loyal to their friends, classmates, and family members, and to tell the truth always.  People who are honest share their opinions, but do so in a responsible and respectful way.  They often help those around them to understand that honesty is the best policy.  They are good examples when interacting with their peers.  They are known to be trustworthy in all situations.

The students receiving the Creativity Award are known to be very creative.  Creative thinkers are able to think outside the box.  They are able to see new and exciting ways of doing things.  They take risks and are willing to try new things without fear.  Because these students are willing to be creative, they are able to produce some amazing things.  People who are creative have excellent imaginations and are able to express themselves in unique and exciting ways.  They go beyond what is expected, and the result is magnificent.  They inspire others with their creative spirit.

Nolan Sprowl also received the Principal’s Award. Nolan is an amazing member of the Thomaston Grammar School community.  Nolan consistently does the right thing and gives others advice and guidance to do the right thing as well.  His classmates and friends look to him as an example of how to be. 

Recognition was also given for the NextGen Sea Dog’s Most Improved Student Award. These students included: Kacy Callahan, Calvin Chamberlain, Derrick Corson, Kegan Didaleusky, Wyatt Earley, Ray Gardner, Sam Gould, Shawn King, Kai Liddell, Piper McMahan, Logan McRae, Karlee Melendez, Lucas Ogden, Leighton Petty, Elizabeth Roberts, Essie Ross, Brody Shields, Nolan Sprowl, and Alex Watson. Students were presented with a certificate form the Sea Dogs and a complimentary ticket to a Sea Dogs game.

Congratulations to all the students who received awards at TGS this month!