Honesty and Positive Attitude Awards

Honesty and Positive Attitude Awards
Posted on 05/08/2023
Principal's Award

Honesty & Positve Attitude Awards at Thomaston Grammar School

Several students at Thomaston Grammar School were recognized for their honesty and creativity at a school-wide assembly on May 4th. Students receiving the Honesty Award were: Easton Libby, Kaleb Barnard, Ezra Blakey, Ryman Ames-Allan, Lily Hatch, Logan King, Ella Chamberlin, Wyatt Early, Evelyn Robertson, Finn Mullen, Myles McMahon, Ryker Dare, Austin Haskell, and Ivy Gamage. Students receiving the Positive Attitude Awards were: Trevor Campbell, Marley Johnson, Kaiya Clements, Amyiah Hantz, Trenton Adams, Sam Gould, Carter Spicer, Charlotte Ahearn, Hazel Dare, Mio Thompson, Logan Atwood, Emma Poland, Bryan Slape, Ayden Basinet, and Payton Porter.

All of the students receiving the Honesty Award are known to be honest. They are honest, even when it may be difficult to do so.  Students who are honest can be trusted to do what is asked of them, to contribute to the group or team, to be loyal to their friends, classmates, and family members, and to tell the truth always.  People who are honest share their opinions, but do so in a responsible and respectful way.  They often help those around them to understand that honesty is the best policy.  They are good examples when interacting with their peers.  They are known to be trustworthy in all situations.

Students with a positive attitude look on the bright side and try to see the good in others and in the situation at hand.  Their positivity and optimism is contagious and they help those around them to feel that they can accomplish what needs to be done.  They always strive to do their best and help others to feel that they can as well.

Logan Atwood was also presented with the Principal’s Award. Logan is a wonderful member of the TGS community.  Logan quietly and consistently does the right thing.  He is safe, kind, and tries his best always.  He tries his hardest with all that he does and does not give up, no matter how difficult the challenge.  He is respectful and responsible for his actions.  He is a good friend and classmate.  He is always willing to give a helping hand to others, often without even being asked to do so.  He exemplifies what it means to be a good citizen.

Congratulations to all the students who received awards at TGS this month!