Empathy Awards

Empathy Awards
Posted on 12/14/2023

Empathy Awards

Students at TGS have been focusing on empathy during the month of November. Several students at Thomaston Grammar School were recognized for being empathetic at a school-wide assembly on December 13th.
The students receiving this award are known to be empathetic and sensitive to the feelings of others around them. Empathy Award winners were: Aoife Miller, Ryleigh Gagnon, Wyatt Hendron, Caidence Knowlton, Killian Walsh, Ryman Ames-Allan, Kelly Trial, Aubree Joynt, Charlotte Ahearn, Mya Rodriques, Caleb Stinson, Cole Beal, MJ Hall, Callie Colson, and Giuliana Rubino.

Throughout the month, students were awarded daily tickets for being empathetic. These tickets were put into a raffle and six lucky winners were drawn at the assembly. Winners received their choice of a gift card donated by local businesses. The winners this month were: Elizabeth Guzman, Khaleesi Breton, Aoife Miller, MJ Hall, and Dylan Latta.

Jayla O’Hare was also presented with this month’s Principal’s Award.  It is apparent to everyone in the community that Jayla cares about her classmates and the staff members at TGS.  She works hard to be an excellent, contributing member of her classroom and the greater Thomaston Grammar School community.  She is always respectful in her interactions with every member of the school community

The assembly concluded with a rousing game of Reindeer Relay. Everyone was a winner and was awarded a school-wide mix-it-up lunch next week.


Next month, students at TGS will be focusing on gratitude.

Congratulations to all the students who received awards at TGS this month!