Creativity Awards

Creativity Awards
Posted on 02/06/2024
Creativity Award Recipients

Creativity Awards Assembly

Students at Thomaston Grammar School have been focusing on creativity during the month of January. Several students at TGS were recognized for being creative at a school-wide assembly on February 5th. Students receiving the Creativity Award were: Matthew Hall, Erik King, Kaleb Barnard, Landon Chipman, Paige Feltis, Avery McLean, Emery Sturks, Rory Hall, Joy Chen, Kaycee Willis, Gwen Milton, Charlie Chamberlain, Ray Gardner, Mylee Anderson, and Ismael Caiza.

Throughout the month, students were awarded daily tickets for being creative. These tickets were put into a raffle and six lucky winners were drawn at the assembly. Winners received their choice of a prize, including gift cards donated by local businesses. The winners this month were: Caleb Stinson, Paige Feltis, Oliver Reavley, David Grierson, Aiden Linscott, and Emmett DeYoung.

The students receiving the Creativity Award are known to be very creative.  Creative thinkers are able to think outside the box.  They are able to see new and exciting ways of doing things.  They take risks and are willing to try new things without fear.  Because these students are willing to be creative, they are able to produce some amazing things.  People who are creative have excellent imaginations and are able to express themselves in unique and exciting ways.  They go beyond what is expected, and the result is magnificent.  They inspire others with their creative spirit.

Kate Elmore also received the Principal’s Award. Kate is an amazing member of the TGS community.  She is consistently patient, and she is respectful to everyone who crosses her path.  It is apparent that she cares about her classmates and the staff members at TGS.  She gets along well with her peers and is a team player.  She is creative, responsible, honest, and trustworthy.  She perseveres even when things are difficult.  Her kindness is known and appreciated by the members of the TGS community. 

The assembly concluded with a rousing relay race. Teams of students were given two minutes to see how many candy hearts they could stack on a paper plate balanced on a teacher’s head. The wining team stacked seven hearts. It was a close race with lots of perseverance.

Next month, students at TGS will be focusing on honesty.

Congratulations to all the students who received awards at TGS this month!