Awards Assembly at TGS

Awards Assembly at TGS
Posted on 06/04/2021
Amelia receives the Principal's Award

Several students at Thomaston Grammar School were recognized at a school-wide Zoom assembly on June 3rd.

Perseverance Awards were presented to Derrick Corson, Logan King, Piper McMahan, David Alvarez, Karsen Libby, Quinn Catapano-Kangas, Sophia Chen, Lincoln Quint, Naomi Thompson, Nadia Markwith, Lynell Gendron, Kaden Curtis, and Alexis Whipple. These students are students who are known to persevere. They face challenges head on and do not back down.  No matter the difficulty, they are able to overcome it. They continue to try even when things get hard or get messy.

Problem Solving Awards were awarded to Christina Reyna, Alyce Hare, Swayze Prior, Kate Elmore, Shawn King, Callie Colson, Rhys Hatch, Lucas Ogden, Nolan Sprowl, Liam Riley, Noah Blakey, and Gabe Robertson. These students are excellent problem solvers.  Problem solving is important in academics, but it is also important in our everyday lives. Students who problem solve are able to do so when completing schoolwork. They are also able to solve problems as they arise on a regular basis in all aspects of their lives. They are able to think on their feet and determine the best course of action.

Amelia Stewart received the Principal’s Award. Amelia is an amazing member of the TGS community.  She is patient, kind, trustworthy, responsible, respectful, and so much more.  She is an excellent problem solver, which makes her an excellent partner, group member, and classmate.  She cares about her classmates and teachers and will do anything she can to assist them.  She is supportive of others and goes above and beyond to volunteer her time to be helpful.

Recognition was also given for the NextGen Sea Dog’s Most Improved Student Award. These students included: Ethan Black, Norah Smith, Logan King, Evelyn Robertson, Jaxon Hopkins, Myles McMahon, Olive Grierson, Isabella O’Clair, Nolan Sprowl, Lynell Gendron, Owen Simmons, Amelia Fetchen, Amelia Sukeforth, Maya Catapano-Kangas, Eli Haynes, Owen Jordan, Alden Wakem, Jonathan Holom, David Alvarez, Owen McGowan, Piper McMahan, Mylee Anderson, and Kasey Shepard. Students were presented with a certificate form the Sea Dogs and a complimentary ticket to a Sea Dogs game this month.

Natalie Jordan was also presented with an award for being a finalist in the Maine Educator cover contest. Natalie’s work will appear in print on the inside of the magazine that will be mailed out in June.

Congratulations to all the students who received awards at TGS this month!