Awards Ceremony at TGS

Awards Ceremony at TGS
Posted on 06/15/2022

Awards Assembly at Thomaston Grammar School

Several students at Thomaston Grammar School were recognized at a school-wide assembly on June 15th.

Perseverance Awards were presented to Ella Hamlin, Skylar Haynes, Derrick Corson, Zoey Hendron, Marcus Cocco, Shawn King, Mya Rodriques, Hazel Dare, Cole Beal, Kegan Didaluesky, Aubree Corson, Lucas Ogden, Elizabeth Roberts, Ellianah Sunderland, Liam Riley, Sophia Davis, Leah McLellan, Isabella Guzman, and Ben Brown. These students are students who are known to persevere. They face challenges head on and do not back down.  No matter the difficulty, they are able to overcome it. They continue to try even when things get hard or get messy.

Problem Solving Awards were awarded to Payton Porter, Hadley Hatch, Joy Chen, Ethan Black, Brody Shields, Christian Couch, Caleb Stinson, Emma Emery, Coral Rytky, Nora Simms, Eliza Black, Natalie Jordan, and Liam Orne. These students are excellent problem solvers.  Problem solving is important in academics, but it is also important in our everyday lives. Students who problem solve are able to do so when completing schoolwork. They are also able to solve problems as they arise on a regular basis in all aspects of their lives. They are able to think on their feet and determine the best course of action.

Finn Eddy and Nadia Markwith received the Principal’s Award. Finn is an excellent member of the Thomaston Grammar School community.  He is a model student in all areas.  He stands out in classes as a student who consistently does the right thing.  Staff members at recess also indicate that Finn consistently makes good choices.  He is honest, trustworthy, respectful, responsible, an excellent team player, and so much more.  He is quietly safe, kind, and trying his best always. Nadia is a marvelous member of the TGS community.  It is apparent to all that she cares about her peers and the staff members at TGS.  She works hard to be an excellent, contributing member of the school community.  She is consistently respectful in her interactions with all members of the community.  She has a positive attitude and wants to ensure that those around her feel happy and cared about.  She is kind to everyone and responsible to make the choice to do what is right.   

Recognition was also given to students who made significant growth on their spring iReady and NWEA testing.

Congratulations to all the students who received awards at TGS this month!