Compassion Awards

Compassion Awards
Posted on 12/06/2021

Compassion Awards at Thomaston Grammar School

On Wednesday, December 1st, several students at Thomaston Grammar School were recognized for the attribute of compassion. Students were presented with a certificate at a school-wide Zoom assembly. Students who received the Compassion Award were: Ella Hamlin, Essie Ross, Kyle Perrin, Gemma Rubino, Logan King, Calvin Chamberlain, Shawn King, Ivy Gamage, Mylee Anderson, Charlotte Chamberlain, Gabbi Gendron, Ava Chamberlin, Noah Blakey, and LoriLei Grout.

People who are compassionate are sensitive to the feelings of those around them.  They care for others and are able to put themselves in other people’s shoes.  They have empathy and want those around them to feel good about themselves and feel happy.  They are willing to help those around them and think about the needs of others above their own.  They are thoughtful about how they can help their peers, teachers, family members, friends and greater community.

Evelyn Fairfield was also awarded the Principal’s Award. Evelyn is a marvelous member of the TGS community.  Evelyn arrives every day at school with a positive attitude that shines through from the moment she greets you with a hello in the morning to the end of the day when she bids you farewell and wishes you a great evening ahead.  She cares about her friends, family members, classmates, teachers, and greater school community.  She wants others around her to feel happy and cared for.  Her positivity is truly inspiring!

Congratulations to all the TGS students who received awards this month!